Mobilization and Development of International Workers for

The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood...
John's Gospel, 1:14 The Message

Mobilization and development of international workers,
the C&MA IN canada

Jesus moved into the neighbourhood! He took time to immerse himself in a culture and a language so he could love the people in the neighbourhood. He lived out his love for the Father before their eyes. His life transformed and impacted all those whom he met in his neighbourhood.

We seek to follow Jesus by moving out into all the "neighbourhoods" of the world—particularly into those places and among those people who have not yet heard or seen what Jesus' life means.

The CONVERGE website explores international ministry with Global Ministries of the C&MA in Canada. CONVERGE is the name given to the division of Global Ministries that deals with the mobilization and development of international workers.

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